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Why is SAT Prep So Important?

What is the SAT? It is a standardized test that students must take in order to apply to most colleges. It tests students’ mastery of grammar, critical reading, and mathematics. It serves as a key tool to compare one student’s academic performance to his or her peers. Although there are many valid critiques of the SAT, most students still must take it (or its rival, the ACT), and they must perform well to get accepted …

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Letter to Recent High School Graduates

By: Austin Admissions Intern It’s June 6th. Many of you guys have already graduated high school, and the rest of you are waiting anxiously for the final day of graduation which remarks the end of twelve years of schooling. I know that everyone is going through different emotions right now, and I just want to tell you guys a bit about my experience and thoughts preparing for my freshman year of college.   As I …

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My Perspective as a Tutor

Here’s a little blog I wrote for the test prep company I work for, a tutor at Victory Test Prep in Austin. It talks about, what else, my perspective as a tutor. My Perspective as a Tutor By Leo Watts If you turn on the news today, all you see about education in the United States is turmoil, inefficiency, and chaos. Many 24 hour news stations would have you believe that indeed, tomorrow, high schools …

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