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SAT ACT GRE GMAT Prep Advising Austin

Why is SAT Prep So Important?

What is the SAT? It is a standardized test that students must take in order to apply to most colleges. It tests students’ mastery of grammar, critical reading, and mathematics. It serves as a key tool to compare one student’s academic performance to his or her peers. Although there are many valid critiques of the SAT, most students still must take it (or its rival, the ACT), and they must perform well to get accepted …

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How to Prepare for an SAT Private Tutoring Session

By: Ken Nguyen   Getting ready for your next SAT tutoring session? Come prepared with a game plan so you can get more accomplished.   Here are some tips to help you get the most out of each test prep lesson.   Know what you want to accomplish and what you want to work on Come prepared with topics you want to ask about, questions that weren’t cleared up before, or completely radical questions that …

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College Savings Accounts

I had a really productive and informative meeting about getting more prepared by understanding college savings accounts. This week, I met with Ryan Ammon, a financial adviser for Edward Jones in [sc name=”city”]. It was also fun. Ryan’s a personable guy and we always get to talking about business and life and run over our scheduled hour meetings. Ryan and I talked in depth about different strategies for saving for college, both sharing our expertise. …

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Austin Admissions Testimony

Scholarships: How to Save Millions (or Just Thousands) with Admissions Consulting!

Win the “Scholarship Lottery” with [sc name=”sitename”] Consulting: How We Return Your Investment Many Times Over A key aspect that [sc name=”sitename”] Consulting focuses on with each applicant is applying for scholarships. Untold millions are set aside every year to give to students of all types regardless of ethnicity, family income, or academic achievement. The money is scattered about and we streamline the search process for our clients, and help edit and craft compelling essays …

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