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To top it off, I’ve been awarded a $30,000.00 scholarship. I cannot say how happy I was to work with Austin Admissions Consulting.

Undergraduate Transfer Admissions Advising, New York University

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Austin Admissions Consulting

Providing personalized, holistic, and proven college and graduate school advising in Texas and beyond, in partnership with American Admissions.We ensure each client achieves his or her educational potential through our unique and proven advising tools that identify and develop talent, set ambitious goals, and provide comprehensive support and guidance before, during, and after the application process.
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Our Most Popular Services

Austin Admissions Consulting brings a breadth of experience to its admissions consulting and advising offerings. With over five hundred families served, and an admissions success rate of 94%, we are the premier educational consulting firm in Austin.

SAT ACT GRE GMAT Prep Advising Austin

SAT and ACT Tutoring

Austin Admissions Consulting SAT and ACT tutors have helped over thousand students make big gains on the SAT and ACT. Our tutors boast 98th percentile scores and our one on one tutoring is half the price of Kaplan. Average SAT improvement 200 points and ACT score improvement is over 4 points.

Austin Admissions Testimony

GRE / GMAT Tutoring

Our GRE and GMAT tutors bring a combined fifteen years of experience helping students understand and improve on the GRE and GMAT. Our proprietary methodology brings the best of the industry and our pricing is up to half that of Kaplan’s.


College Advising in Austin

Our expert college advisers help high school students ace the college application process. Join hundreds of high school students who’ve achieved admissions success through our advising.

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Law School Advising & LSAT Prep

Our LSAT tutoring stands head and shoulders above the competition. Our LSAT tutors use a unique methodology to help students make big gains on the LSAT. Click here to find out why Austin Admissions Consulting is the best choice for LSAT prep in Austin.

Career Advising

With our unique insight into the state of various industries that we’ve honed through advising students on potential career paths, in conjunction with our advisers’ combined decades experience in the job market, our career advising is based on accurate and relevant data points.

Strategic Planning for Individuals

We help clients get into the school of their dreams while assisting with the process both before and after. We have helped hundreds of students with the college admissions process, getting into law school, business school, medical school, and outline long-term goals.

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We bring a holistic yet pragmatic approach to college admissions advising and graduate school advising, focusing on how the specific talents and needs of an individual fit into his or her educational and career aspirations.

American Admissions & Advising

We’re honored to help students get accepted into some of the
most prestigious universities in the world.

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Austin Admissions Consulting and American Admissions were founded to make the college admissions and graduate school application process easy, affordable, and fruitful for students and parents.

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